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Responding to The Tug

The first time I visited Alaska was in 2005. I went with a handful of other people, all of whom were making their first visit.

This is Wonder Lake in Denali National Park, and that's The Mountain in the background. The lake was formed from melting glacial ice, and is an impressive 250 feet deep. It's breathtaking, majestic, and wondrous.

We're drawn by many different things, and I felt pulled to Denali in 2005. And I'm sure that while many others have felt that particular beckoning, many have not.

Yet there are tugs that, in my experience, seem to be universal. Many of those universal tugs are gentle and best felt in quiet times. Unfortunately, our lives are full of noise and competing interests, and we often keep pushing the gentle voices into the background.

The Holy Spirit tugs on everyone's heart, urging us to follow Him to get closer to God. Like many others, I've seldom made that a priority in my life. There have always been distractions, and I've been pretty good at developing arguments against following. Some of them have been pseudo-intellectual, some have been philosophical, some have been based on a distorted sense of priority, and some have been pure selfishness. But the Tug remains.

There's a pretty solid argument to be made that the magnitude of Christianity's impact on world history warrants its serious study and consideration. I believe that if we simply start down the pathway with as little baggage as possible and an open mind, God will be far more reliable than any GPS and will assuredly lead us to our destination.

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